Who Is LOCAL Copywriter?

LOCAL Copywriter is helmed by myself, Jennifer McCarthy, an established digital content producer. Based on the Gold Coast, I spent almost two decades working in the competitive Sydney market as a successful journalist, writer and sub-editor for newspapers, magazines and online before my northern sea-change.

Launching my writing career in 1991 was at the time the culmination of a lifelong passion for writing that blossomed as a very young child. Every career step along the way – which included publications such as The Australian Newspaper, INSIDEout, Weight Watchers and Monument magazines and Australia’s leading women’s titles, Woman’s Day and CLEO – saw me gain valuable knowledge of the media industry as a whole.

Moving to the digital world via the former ninemsn (now nine digital), I was able to leverage my writing skills to gain essential experience within the online medium. Consulting as Digital Content Manager for Local Web Advisors cemented my professional footprint within my new home on the Gold Coast.

Combining exceptional research and interviewing skills learned on-the-job at News Limited throughout the ’90s and ACP (now Bauer Media) in the noughties, I have written across various industries, on innumerable topics, allowing me to produce high-quality content that appeals to readers on all levels.


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What LOCAL Copywriter Services Can Do For You

What makes your business so special? I need to know! But guess what? I often find content ideas in places you wouldn’t think to look. Most of my clients don’t know what they don’t know. And this is where I come in. Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.

Richard Branson agrees because he once said, “If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.”

Firstly, if that sentence was written and not said, it would need a slight edit, but I’m not here to let you know how my mind is constantly ticking over. I’m here to reassure you that I know exactly how to get what I need from you to ensure I’m writing the best content for your needs.

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Delegate the Difficult AND Dull Stuff

I take client information and turns it into first-class content, which can be seen on the numerous websites (including www.accommodated.com.au & www.boundsconstructions.com.au) that I have created content for, with clients. I write content for in Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle NSW and Adelaide, as well as many more.

To find the best angle for your content, I will conduct a thorough research of your industry. I’ll then provide you with an in-depth questionnaire for your individual business. Don’t freak out! There’s no need to be anxious. Even the most time-poor scrawl written in point-form notes is valuable to me.

By combining my lengthy experience and innate news sense, I can glean even the most complex content from a mere 5 minutes of your time, which is all it should take to jot down just a few key points. This way, if I need to ask you anything further, I’ll have a better sense of your requirements.

The digital world requires a constant feed of fresh, appealing content to maintain audience attraction, so head to the Services page to see what’s on offer at LOCAL Copywriter. 

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