Open LinkedIn on any given day and you’ll find thousands of blog articles written by professionals to position their brands. Typically created to establish the Blog Poster or the Posting Brand as an industry authority, blogs are intended to inform while inciting reader loyalty.

Australian content writer LOCAL Copywriter can create 100% original information-rich articles from scratch, outlining the necessary morsels to keep readers hungry for your next blog post.

However, because blogging is all about remaining “relevant”, the moment your old blogs become “irrelevant” they pose the perfect opportunity for a less labour-intensive refresher.

If your website has a bunch of old blogs hanging around, LOCAL Copywriter can use these to bring your brand back into focus. Backlinko reported in 2021 that updating and republishing old blog posts with new information and images can help increase organic traffic by as much as 119%.

Improve Your ROI with Professional Blog
Articles on Your Website

Your website needs to do two things for your business. Whether you’re based in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or Newcastle NSW, it needs to be found by Google in order to generate traffic to your business, plus it needs to entice readers to stay on the page and not click away.

According to many recent reports, Google says that “high-quality content” and “consistent publication of engaging content” are STILL at the top of what are considered the most important factors in search engine rankings. With billions of active websites online today, one thing you want to get right is how Google sees your site. While Google evolves every day to weed out spammers and dodgy backlinking, one thing that will never change is Google loves quality, error-free and highly palatable content.

LOCAL Copywriter’s job is to create awesome content for you that helps build relationships with your readers, while offering interesting tips or promotions that fill their “what’s in it for me” sense of satisfaction.

‘Time-Poor’ is No Longer an Excuse

If you have something to say, achievements to report or new offers to launch, tell your customers!

Not sure how to share your hot news with your clients?

If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, you’re not alone. If your spelling is stuck in the second-grade or you cloud over after writing the day’s date, let LOCAL Copywriter’s professional, noteworthy blog articles do the talking for you.

Whatever tone you need is available to you, whether it’s more professional, light-hearted, informative, serious, compassionate or just plain funny.

Stay in touch with your customers and give the ghost-writing over to the professional!

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