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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Your website helps potential customers understand your business, customer service goals and what sets you apart from your industry peers, so the phones start ringing. Poorly written content represents a lot of negatives for your brand, so you need to avoid falling into that category.
For an initial article to be completed, we recommend at least 2 weeks’ turnaround as preliminary research will be required. However, I am always open to negotiation, so feel free to have a chat if your job is urgent so I can prioritise.
Writing website content from scratch may take a number of weeks for the entire website to be completed – and this certainly depends on how many pages on your site. After an initial phone conversation, there is a two-way communication established to glean as much information as possible about what makes your business stand out from your peers.

I never leave a question hanging. If I need to know something, I’ll be in touch to clarify, rather than just pushing ahead with what I “think” you might want.

Some clients choose to chip away at their website one page at a time, while others like to have it completed in one go. The choice is yours!
If you have website content already written and would like to refresh it with a rewrite or add some important keywords to help your SEO strategy, I can add essential organic keywords to each page to boost search engine optimisation, while making the content clearer and more concise.

I create content that ‘speaks’ to your targeted audience, without all the waffle getting in the way.

Contact LOCAL Copywriter on +61 435 29 55 66 and start generating brilliant content for your business.

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