Make a Great First Impression to
Win Over New Clients

A big challenge facing today’s businesses is how to write catchy sales content that people really want to read. The long-form social media ad has made its way into many marketing campaigns based on its simplicity and the ability to capture the authenticity of the brand. It’s a way of connecting to your business audience, while enticing the reader via a subtle repetitive message, without sounding monotonous.

Catching the Fish!

No SPAM here! LOCAL Copywriter offers expert sales copywriting to lure potential customers to your offer, no matter whether you’re in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or Newcastle NSW.

Backed by years of organic search-optimised experience and distilling client intentions, LOCAL Copywriter can lean into your customer pain points to craft the type of “Buy it, Sign up, Follow me, Gotta have it, Download it now” kind of content you need for your eDMs (direct mail) marketing, social media or email long-form ads and landing page offers. 

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

In my experienced, I have learned the formula to writing great sales copy is to focus on these steps:-


Sales content requires relevant, attention-grabbing headlines that blend seamlessly with the subsequent content. There is no point having a brightly coloured flag if you don’t have a flagpole! The point needs to be clear.


Now you’ve hooked your reader, the content needs to lure them deeper into the copy with either a question outlining a pain point and/or a potential solution. A brief corporate story can resonate but you must understand your target audience extremely well.


After piquing the reader’s interest, now the content must convince them they need the offer to positively enhance their lives. While point form is favoured in sales content, LOCAL Copywriter can create quality conversational and concise content that doesn’t simply sound like a laundry list of benefits.


Bring out the big CTA guns! The reader realises they can’t live without your offer and reaches for the phone or sends an enquiry. A quality website with high-value content makes this very simple for them, with an easy-to-see phone number, invitation or a simple navigation tool to get them to enter their details.

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