LOCAL Copywriter’s services include writing and editing for: web pages, blog articles, sales content, ghost writing for your business, press releases, book proofreading/first drafts and other online media.


Creating content for your website has never been easier!
That’s because you don’t have to do it. We do! We’ll make your business shine brighter than your competitors with dazzling copy that gets customers through your door or dialling your number.


Aaahh, blogs! They can be so thought provoking – or they can waffle on and send you to sleep. A boring blog is a death knell for your digital marketing campaign – typically because you’ve paid for it, yet there is no ROI. If you want to pump up your article reach, with exciting and motivational content that offers readers something they can really get their teeth into, LOCAL Copywriter is your ‘Go To’ solution.


Whether you’re rebranding your business, need brochure content or looking for incredible content to tell your story, LOCAL Copywriter has experience across a multitude of industries, writing in various styles, while specialising in lifestyle topics and soul-led decision-making. Adept at changing voice, depending on your target audience, I can seamlessly pivot in tone, from high-level corporate and executive clients to small business owners who require a touch of wit to attract new customers.​


Want people picking up the phone? There is an art to sales writing that makes customers spend without saying “Buy Me Now!”. If your business needs the “Subtle Art of Successful Sales Writing” by Jennifer McCarthy @ LOCAL Copywriter, I’m your gal. I know a thing or two about the giddying world of Google and how to avoid being punished for overly enthusiastic sales prose. Instead, I’ll write refreshingly original, attention-grabbing content in short or long-form style, depending on your needs.​
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