There are billions of active websites online right now. The issue for you isn’t being positioned at the very top of all of them on Google, it’s making sure your content is focussed on the right audience, the people you want to connect with in order to grow your brand into a successful business.

Your website’s job is to explain what your business does – clearly and concisely – while letting people know how you can help them. The most important role of your website is to help people understand your business, your customer service goals and what sets you apart. Remove all uncertainty, so they’re anticipating a positive experience when they reach out to get in touch with you. Your web presence can have many intentions and it helps to be crystal clear about your goals.
For example, do you want to:-

If you’ve crystalised your goal, you’ll have a better understanding of the “tone” you’re using to write your content. Simply explained, the tone is the way you “talk” to your target audience.

LOCAL Copywriter can write your website in any number of ways: professional, corporate or formal; chatty and conversational; clever and witty; dynamic and salesy; secretive, mysterious and elusive; or as a trusted friend and loyal confidante.

Understanding your target audience will determine which style of writing you choose to communicate with your clients.

Keeping It Local

LOCAL Copywriter is run by Jennifer McCarthy, an Australian content writer with almost three decades of writing experience across Sydney newspapers, magazines and digital in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, now running my own business on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast. I have the skills to help best position your brand in the marketplace.

I’ve written across a large variety of industries and have honed my craft well enough to write about anything I put my mind to. While having specialised in property and building, hospitality, lifestyle and wellness, with a particular skill and intuitive knowledge of coaching and soul-led entrepreneurs, I listen intently to your needs in order to formulate professional, illuminating and engaging content.

What LOCAL Copywriter Can Do For You

Take A Fresh Approach! If You’re Looking To Overhaul Your Existing Web Content & Make It More Relevant To Your Target Audience, I Can Help You...

  • Write 100% original intuitively optimised content to keep those Google algorithms hungry for more
  • Include language that encapsulates all the essential keywords without sounding out of place on your webpages
  • Streamline your message with direct speech, as opposed to waffly, repetitive content, indirect speech and over-lengthy sentences and paragraphs
  • Clarify key selling points and ideas to make them stand out
  • Deliver error-free content, with correct grammar and punctuation, taking into consideration the tone of the content, either professional or conversational
  • Professional proofreading to remove any typos or spelling mistakes for an immaculate end result

Start Out on Top!
If You Require Brand-Spanking New Web Content...

  • Research your industry and check out your industry peers​
  • Identify any trends within your industry that could help leverage your content
  • Discuss your expectations for the content
  • Create bite-sized, easily digestible content that answers customer questions quickly, without using overly salesy language, which has been proven to be a turn-off in business
  • Incorporating content into your marketing strategy by focussing on your target audience and what they want to read
  • Create compelling, influential and informative Google-centric content for each of your webpages
  • Professional proofreading to remove any typos or spelling mistakes for an immaculate end result.

Your website is an extension of your brand so don’t risk losing customers over messy, ill-written content. Use LOCAL Copywriter to give your website a clean, sophisticated look. If you’re looking for expertly written digital content, including webpages, eDMs and longform social media posts, yet don’t rate your writing skills, LOCAL Copywriter can create the type of professional content that Google loves and has been proven to convert leads.

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