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Having a business website is one thing, but having Google learn to love it is another. One element that will help you rank higher on search engines is high-quality error-free professional content, which is regularly updated.

Think of it like filling a vase with fresh flowers – no one wants to see the dead ones drooping over the sides, with murky water in the bottom. So, your content is your fresh blooms, organised into appealing arrangements, which are colourful and attractive to your customers and website visitors.

A website needs to serve two main purposes.

1. It needs to be found by Google, and

2. Once the customer finds it, the website needs to engage the customer to the point whereby they make contact with your business (via email or phone).

It’s a waste of money spending money on a website that:-

1. No one can find, or

2. They find then click away from because the content isn’t engaging.

Professional online content creation is so important because it takes care of these two key points. It not only helps Google find your site, with keywords cleverly inserted into palatable and interesting articles, it makes your potential customers stay on your webpages longer, increasing the chance of sales.

For example, one client works with an SEO and digital marketing company. One of their customers gets 80 phone calls per month and another gets 25 on average. Both spend about $1500 on Google advertising and target the Gold Coast; both are pest control businesses. The difference is the quality of the website content.

With the same budget on advertising spend, the difference between high-quality website content and poor-quality content is shown in approximately a 66% increase in phone calls/leads.

* A small investment in web content combined with a successful SEO strategy is likely to pay for itself within the first month.

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